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With a family of above 24,000 patients, we are increasing towards diabetes free society.

About Us

R.V.Centre for Diabetes was founded with a vision to prevent, treat and cure diabetes, in May 2004. With Diabetes reaching epidemic proportions, a need was felt to start an out-patient clinic in the World capital of Diabetes, Hyderabad. Hence, with extensive research and world class modelling along with some of the best in the field from USA and Australia we laid the foundation of R.V. Centre for Diabetes. It offers complete diabetic solution with well equipped facilities to offer Total Diabetes diagnosis and care. Extensive usage and effective integration of equipment's coupled with a time tested and proven system of procedures adds strength and quality to the clinic, so essential to become ONE STOP Centre for SCREENING, DETECTION, MONITORING and TREATMENT of Diabetes and its complications.

State of Art Diagnostic Laboratory has a fully configured interface with computerization providing fast and accurate results. The Clinic has exceled in the facility for early diagnosis of Diabetes triggered diseases affecting the Heart, Kidneys, Eyes, Feet, Nervous System and Metabolism. Having being able to help more than 20, who visit the clinic for control of their diabetes and its complications, R.V. Centre is the right place and choice to have A SINGLE PRESCRIPTION for Diabetes and its various complications, which save the agony, time and money of the patients.


  • To provide comprehensive and Total Diabetic Care i.e. not only routine treatment of diabetes but also for its complications with a vision to prevent, treat and cure diabetes.
  • To provide modern and efficient Diabetic Solution, right in the heart of Hyderabad so that the facilities could be made available to a greater fold of the society.


We dedicate ourselves 'Towards Excellence in Diabetes Care' by continuously improving our People, processes and technology.


  • We aim to help every person having Diabetes to lead Good quality life.
  • To provide a World class health care to all suffering with Diabetes from different sections of Society.
  • To minimize the ill effects of Diabetes, to save suffering, time and money of the Diabetic people.
  • To educate as many people as possible, not only diabetic people and also who are prone to Diabetes as prevention is better than cure.
  • Type1 or Juvenile diabetes club for the younger ones.
  • We have the vision of making the world free of diabetes and its complications.
For any kind of queries or grievances, please contact Mrs. Sanatha K.